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Mission Statement

Memoryz is committed to transcending the traditional boundaries of care with technology. This means being committed to creating an app capable of servicing a wide range of people. To ensure that our product can service anyone who can benefit, we will continue to partner with organizations such as long-term care and retirement homes, as well as consistently consult with caregivers of diverse backgrounds. 


Our Footprint

Our name is synonymous with caregiving and our brand is one that caregivers trust and strongly identify with. The product-market fit of the application has increased since our launch, adapting to our loyal consumer base over time. Through the years, we have streamlined our processes with technological innovation driven by research and user behaviour. 


What We Build

Memoryz can be seamlessly integrated with all the digital touchpoints of a user, available via multiple technological mediums. We do not build Care Receiver tools, rather, enable access to them through our platform - functioning as an API hub focusing on data utility. Our value proposition is tied to our ability to create an unparalleled assistive experience enabled by technology. Our secret sauce is our smoothness and user intuition as we listen to you and curate your experience with us. 


We want you to be Batman, with us as your Alfred by your side, helping you along the way. 


How We Do it

  1. When a caregiver discovers Memoryz, they enter our community ecosystem and digital hub for support; a profile is created, and their calendar and reminder applications are merged.
  2. All caregiving-related task information is analyzed in order to shape our understanding of the caregiver’s routine and challenges.
  3. We ask the caregiver to share their interests, struggles or any related problems they need help with in order to send relevant tips and prompts their way.

Caregiving is no longer an isolating endeavour.


Where We are Going

Expanding Our Reach

We are focusing on curating caregiver specific content across multiple disease profiles including PD, CKD, CVD, ALS, MS, Huntington's and others.

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Seamless Connectivity

Memoryz connects to all devices and digital touch points that are enabled and associated with the user.

Smar devices


Compared to the industry average, we only spend 1/3 of our costs on paid advertising and marketing.


Our Team

We are a tech company making an impact in Caregiver Wellness.

Former interns lead our Management Team.

Fully internal development team with a CTO, Lead Front End (+3 juniors), Lead Back End (+3 juniors), & Lead Product Dreamer (+3 Juniors).


Meet Our Founder and CEO Rishawn Dindial

"What I've heard from caregivers and seen in my own personal experience as a caregiver is that calendars and task management were all over the place, so putting those ideas together actually led me to start Memoryz"

- Rishawn


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